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roku advertising Minneapolis

Television is one of the most traditional ways of entertainment for Americans. That is why for companies, it has also been through the years, one of the usual ways to promote their products and services. However, as technology advances, other alternatives have emerged for users to enjoy extraordinary programming.

That is why companies must also update their vision and point to digital media in order not to lose a significant number of current and potential customers. Among the different options, developing advertising with Roku is one of the most extraordinary. It is essential that you know the reasons why it is a must for you to develop marketing strategies on this platform.

Roku: Much More than Traditional Television

Roku's concept is simple but extremely powerful: a device that helps users turn their conventional TVs into Smart TVs that give them access to incredible online streaming content. People cease to be mere viewers and become users, with the power to decide how they are going to enjoy programming.

This technology has put itself at the forefront, leaving behind conventional models such as cable television. If, for example, Roku were to be considered today as one of the distributors of multichannel video programming (MVPD), it would be the third-largest, behind AT&T and Comcast. However, it would be a matter of time, as Roku grows more than 47% per year.

Roku Advertising is Intelligent Advertising

In addition to the huge share that Roku has, the way of advertising with this technology delivers significant advantages to marketers. The brand uses cutting-edge technologies, such as Activation Insights. This is an application that combines the information of some 29 million Roku users to determine the audience that an advertiser is already reaching through linear television. Then calculates the additional audience that could be reached through advertising on OTT.

As a result, Activation Insights delivers the advertiser the optimal advertising spend on an ad on the Roku platform as well as optimized information for them to make informed decisions about when to launch their advertising. When scheduling ads, marketers can achieve amazing results, increasing their visibility levels to stages close to 90%.

Is Roku Better than YouTube?

While it is true that until now the way to look for sales with online streaming have been channels like Youtube, Roku is a path that has much more potential. First of all, the public that uses Roku is much more prone to purchase than social network users. Also, the ability to target and schedule ads increases the likelihood that you will get the right message to the right audience, increasing conversion potential.

Another significant advantage is competition. Nowadays, the competition to make money online through YouTube is fierce. On the other hand, few advertisers have discovered the extraordinary scope they have through the platform. This represents an extraordinary business opportunity for you to increase your profitability, and gain competitive advantages that bring you to the forefront of your industry.

Trust the Experts!

If you are ready to take your business to the top by developing the most extraordinary Roku advertising tactics, we are here to support you. Allow our group of specialists to design a customized strategy that allows you to maximize the potential of each of your potential audiences through this platform. Contact us.

roku advertising Minneapolis

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