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Article provided by: Slater Strategies

Web Development Companies In Florida

If you google "Web development companies in Florida," you might be shocked at how many results you get! Which company will you choose for your web development needs? Further, are you sure that you need a web development company or are you actually in need of a web design company? What's the difference between the two? The difference between a web development company and a web design company can be stated as follows:

A web development company builds websites based on the designs of a web design company. The designer creates the look and feel of the website, and the web developer puts it all together so that the website is live in the browser.

Web Development Companies in Florida that Provide Web Design Too

Slater Strategies offers both services - web design and front end web development. Our clients appreciate having a one-stop shop for all of their website building/design needs. As you navigate through the seemingly endless list of web development companies in Florida, keep this in mind. Plus, when choosing a web development company, it's good to get a feel for how they operate. At Slater Strategies, we offer an affordable and honest pricing model, and we have a full team dedicated to creating stellar websites for our clients.

What if I Need a Back End Web Development?

Sometimes, you need to make updates or changes to how your website works or monitor how your website functions. A front end developer typically doesn't deal with the server, database, or web applications and how the database communicates with a browser. However, because Slater Strategies employs a whole team of computer programmers, web developers, and web designers, we have people who specialize in all fields of coding. Although most of our clients are looking for front end web development, Slater Strategies also proudly offers back end development for our clients.

What Do Web Development Companies in Florida Do?

If you are building a new website for your blog or small business, and you try to do it all yourself; good luck! You're going to need it! Many people take the DIY approach only to realize that they wasted a bunch of time and money. When it comes to web development, there is so much that goes into it that never gets talked about - aspects aside from the core functions of web development that clients expect us to know to give their websites the best chance for success. This includes SEO, web design, WordPress development, content creation, image optimization, site speed optimization, etc.

As one of the fastest growing web development companies in Florida, you can count on the team of Slater Strategies to build and design the website that you need. We'll put it together beautifully and cohesively, making sure that you have a professional-looking, high-quality website that you will be proud of for years to come. Contact Slater Strategies to plan you web development project and get the process started.

Web Development Companies In Florida
Slater Strategies
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Wasilla AK 99654

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