F.A.Q. (Frequently Asked Questions)

4 Specific Reasons to Buy Website Traffic From BuyTargetedTraffic.com:

100% of our customers have received the amount of traffic they had purchased.

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Our rates are competitive with the few legitimate traffic companies. Our Rates

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Most campaigns start within the day it has been ordered, with full control over it via the easy to use stats panel.
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We offer a 100% Guarantee. If for any reason you're unsatisfied, we will issue you back the cost of the full unused portion of the traffic, without question!

Get thousands of free visitors when you increase web traffic for your site today with BuyTargetedTraffic.com

How does it Work?

Buy Targeted Traffic uses the most successful method for driving traffic: pop-under ads. Upon ordering a traffic campaign for one of BTT's exclusive ad network categories, partner websites will automatically start popping YOUR website under their pages! When a visitor clicks on the task bar to see what popped up, your website will show up as a full page! Instead of relying on clicking hyperlinks to drive traffic, your targeted viewer is now staring directly at the web page that you specify!

What is CPM?

CPM an acronym for Cost Per Thousand. One Thousand is represented by the roman numeral M. For example, buying targeted traffic at a $2.50 CPM means that you get 1,000 visitors for $2.50.

Are there any restrictions to the campaigns?

Yes. The page that you send traffic to for your campaign is not allowed to contain any of the following:

  • Any scripts that alter a user's browser
  • Web pages that launch an additional window for another web page
  • Illegal, Adult, or highly offensive content

Where is your list of target niche/categories?

Please see the order page.

Are sound or popups allowed?

Yes! Be sure to click "Has Sound" or "Has Popups" on the order form to specify. There is not extra charge for either of these features. Failure to check these boxes when sound or popups are present will result in an automatic pausing and overall delay of the campaign while a moderator changes your settings. Sound includes and sound played in a video. Popups include javascript exit alerts such as "Are you sure you want to leave this site?", as well as other forms of popups.

Why should I buy targeted traffic or banner traffic from BuyTargetedTraffic.com?

We send high quality traffic at the some of the most competitive rates possible with the most convenient service and absolutely no hidden fees. Most campaigns go live within 24-48 hours. In some cases, much faster.

Do you use any kind of spam methods to generate visitors to my website?

No, our traffic is generated through pop-unders and is in no way a form of spam. Buy Targeted Traffic enforce the integrity of our business model, which is to provide the highest quality visitors to our customers sites, at competitive rates.

What's a pop-under?

A pop-under is much like a pop-up, except it loads underneath the current page rather than over it. This advertising method is far superior because it is less intrusive to the viewer.

What window size are your pop-unders displayed at?

Our pop-unders are delivered to the visitor at full screen for maximum viewing quality. The pop-under will automatically adjust itself to fit the viewers max screen resolution.

What about visitors that have pop-up blockers?

If a visitor has a pop-up blocker, our traffic counter script will not count it as a visit. This means that you will never get incorrectly counted off for a visitor using a pop-up blocker, since no pop-under will be displayed to that person.

Is your targeted and banner traffic unique?

Yes, the targeted and banner traffic that we offer is 24-Hour Unique.

What does 24-Hour Unique mean?

24-Hour Unique means that every visitor we direct to your website within a 24-hour period will be totally unique.

Do you offer a report or any kind of stats with my campaign?

Yes, you will get a confirmation email after ordering a package with your login information to our real-time stats page. This will show you the progress of your campaign, as well as the ability to make mid-campaign changes.

How can I make my campaign as effective as possible?

You can either optimize your website to make it load quickly, or design a landing page that not only loads fast, but makes use of special offers, good color schemes, etc. Anything that may appeal to your target audience will be most beneficial on a landing page.

When will my campaign start, now that I have ordered?

Your campaign will likely go live within 24-48 hours, but in many cases, much quicker. In very rare cases, should we need to wait for more traffic from particular sources, it may take up to 7 days to get the campaign live.

What length of time will my campaign run?

It largely depends on the total number of visitors that you order, and what number you set your daily cap at. Campaigns are defaulted to the maximum cap of 1/8 of the total number of campaign visitors (ie: 1,250 cap per day on a 10,000 visitor package). Thus by default, campaigns are set to last a period of 8 days unless changed in your login panel.

What if my server crashes or goes down during my campaign?

We cannot be held liable for elements out of our control. Please ensure that your web server can handle the actual total number of visits before purchasing a package. However, in the event of a server outage or some other foreseeable issue, you should immediately pause your campaign until the problem is corrected.

Will I make more online sales?

This is dependant on factors such as your site's presentation, sales copy, color scheme, design, and load time. BuyTargetedTraffic.com is not able to actually guarantee certain percentages of your visitors will convert into buyers. Getting visitors to your site is the first piece of the marketing funnel. It's up to your site's many factors (as mentioned above) to bring the visitor from their initial visit to a sale.

Why do your stats not match up with my hit counter?

There are many reasons that a web server will not register a visitor:

  • A visitor cancels out the window before your website loads.
  • The visitor is on a slow connection and the request timed out.
  • The visitor is behind an ISP with a proxy (ex. AOL).
  • The visitor's browser served the page from it's cache instead of from your server.
  • Your site was unreachable or unavailable at the time of request.
  • Your tracking software is not able to handle concurrent connections.

I'm using Google Analytics, and your stats do not match with it's stats.

Google Analytics, like all other client-side tracking programs, will not reflect the true traffic sent, because there will be natural situations where visitors will choose to close the window before the page fully loads. Google will only be able to record a page view if the page is completely loaded, which is completely upon the mercy of the viewer. A better approach is to use server-side programs like Webalizer or AwStats for accurate logs. They usually come standard with cPanel. You will want to do this since they come from your server and will thus be logged beforehand whether the user allows the page to completely load or not.

Do you offer other categories that are not listed on the Categories page?

No. The Categories page lists the categories and their specific depth of targeting for each category.

Do you offer traffic that is more geo-targeted locally than your list of markets?

No. The Buy form lists the geo-targets available. There is no finer geo-targeting than Regional at this time.

What's Bulk traffic?

Bulk traffic is comprised of an overflow of network inventory and thus can come from any country. It's also subject to slower transmission speeds than other types of traffic.

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